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  • Published on Nov 8, 2018

  • Perfect To Me is out now! Listen here https://lnk.to/PerfectToMe Anne-Marie: Official Website- http://iamannemarie.com Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/iamannemarie Twitter- http://twitter.com/AnneMarie Instagram- https://instagram.com/annemarie #annemarie #perfect2me
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  • Perfect is... being who you truly are despite people judging you.

  • I love this song. I saw you live before Ed Sheeran and screamed so loud at the line “I love who I want to love coz this love is gender free” 0001f3f3️‍0001f3080001f3f3️‍0001f3080001f49a0001f49a

  • "my mom died when i was 14, my perfect was eating lunch with her...," 0001f6220001f6220001f622

  • To everyone scrolling through the comment section.. please feel good about yourself and stay happy 0001f60a0001f618


  • Fuuuuck this song is so honest, as a guy, i am addicted to this song, its so true, its about us, people every one, man and woman. Thanks Anne-Marie for this perfect song ! 3 (straight)

  • Drew barrymore looks younger and can sing beautifully...

  • This is so inspirational. She is the only music star I have ever seen who doesn’t cover herself in makeup or pretend she is completely “perfect”. This song is so meaningful and I love it!

  • This video had so much potential. I never comment on videos but I feel this needs to be said. What a beautiful song, about embracing yourself because you are perfect exactly the way that you are. Unfortunately it would be nice if Anne Marie could practice what she preached. How can you say ‘no make up on’ and yet even though it’s not entirely noticeable you are wearing make up throughout. Even the moment she takes off the make up the camera still has a filter on it to smooth skin. The video could have been really true and really raw to match the beautiful lyrics, however it’s just another filtered video made to look aesthetically pleasing to fake ‘raw’. It’s really sad that this is the way that society is, that even ‘natural’ is natural-look makeup and filters. And that someone can sing a song about being perfect the way that they are and cannot even embrace that themselves.

  • Perfect to me is:

  • i don't like this song

  • "Don't feel like putting makeup on my cheeks."

  • LIRYC:

  • Its not about being perfect... its about being you. Love the message, love the song and LOVE her! :)

  • Anne-Marie is such an inspiration and motivates us all.

  • This song deserves 1 billion views ❤️❤️

  • irony : she put make up on the whole video .

  • Is it just me or Anne Marie kinda looks like Drew Barrymore?0001f914

  • You may not be perfect,