FIFA 20 | Official Reveal Trailer ft. VOLTA Football Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Jun 8, 2019

  • Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20, releasing September 27, 2019. Build your player, pick your gear, and express your style in football playgrounds all over the world. http://x.ea.com/58584 Pre-order the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition and play VOLTA three days early : http://x.ea.com/58585 VOLTA Football takes the game back to the streets with the authentic culture, creativity and style of the small-sided game played on streets, courts and futsal pitches around the globe. Learn more about FIFA 20: http://x.ea.com/58586 Subscribe to see more FIFA 20 videos: http://bit.ly/pzw4VD. #FIFA20 #VOLTA #VOLTAFootball
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    EA SPORTS FIFA 1 week ago

    Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20

  • Notorious Drizz
    Notorious Drizz 1 week ago

    Use this as a ”fix career mode & Pro Clubs” button

  • Shank Gaming
    Shank Gaming 4 days ago (edited)

    Fifa 20:fifa street is back

  • David A
    David A 1 week ago

    Nice... FIFA 11 with new graphics

  • yoel salamon
    yoel salamon 6 days ago

    They probably spent most of their time making this flashy trailer instead of developing the actual game...smh

  • Paul McCharmley
    Paul McCharmley 5 days ago

    Everyone: Fix career mode.

  • Core Z11
    Core Z11 1 week ago


  • Caio Cesar
    Caio Cesar 4 days ago

    Me in 2009: Make a new career mode, PLEASE!

  • Rana Usama Khan
    Rana Usama Khan 2 days ago

    Guys let's be honest fifa is just a robotic ping pong

  • Joey 6rings
    Joey 6rings 1 day ago

    It's Official.

  • MART
    MART 6 days ago

    Everyone: Fix career mode!!!

  • Kevin Aguirre
    Kevin Aguirre 1 week ago

    Everyone: Fix career mode!!!

  • Extreme OOF
    Extreme OOF 5 days ago

    Everybody: Fix pro clubs and career mode and the bugs!

  • Max Tamer
    Max Tamer 1 week ago

    Looks similar to every FIFA ever.

  • Allan F.
    Allan F. 2 days ago

    Another year, the same game.

  • Cling Ston
    Cling Ston 1 day ago

    Everybody: Fix career mode

  • Kevin Ariel Diaz
    Kevin Ariel Diaz 1 week ago (edited)

    Community: Fix career mode and pro clubs please!!!

  • Karan
    Karan 3 days ago

    FIFA: Shows off new skills in trailer

  • Joker Senpai
    Joker Senpai 23 hours ago

    Add the Imagine Dragons opening ceremony of UCL when we play any final, for me will be awesome

  • Rodolfo Augusto
    Rodolfo Augusto 7 hours ago

    Pelo menos dessa vez já mostrou o bug no trailer. Já temos uma evolução.