SKAM FRANCE EP.8 S3: Wednesday 1:38pm - As long as they love me Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019

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  • Meli Zucker
    Meli Zucker 1 week ago

    The way Lucas is laying on Elliott... my heart can‘t take it

  • Kasia B
    Kasia B 1 week ago

    Can we just appreciate how gorgeous Manon’s outfit is here?

  • Cloe Goumi
    Cloe Goumi 1 week ago

    SO HE CAME, i really thought that Eliott wouldn’t come

  • Angika Dewri
    Angika Dewri 1 week ago

    FALSE ALARM hahhahahha we just keep expecting the worse huh?

  • Eugi 19
    Eugi 19 1 week ago (edited)

    Am I the only one admiring Manon with that beautiful hat?

  • Aly Ssa
    Aly Ssa 1 week ago

    J’aime tellement quand ils sont tous en groupe, ils s’entendent tous bien c’est tellement beau à voir, j’aime tellement cette série ❤️

  • roseluvtm ____
    roseluvtm ____ 1 week ago

    Lucas touching eliott hand veins is so cute ...

  • Qtn Bmt
    Qtn Bmt 1 week ago

    Juste un petit commentaire français avant d'être innondé d'anglais 😊

  • salma beldi
    salma beldi 1 week ago

    Crazy how the English people are here before the French ones 😂😂

  • Kasia B
    Kasia B 1 week ago

    I can see more and more of the hedgehog in Lucas, his hair, his reactions when scared and now being curled up, all adorable, out in the park with his favourite raccoon by his side 🦔🦝

  • Aly Ssa
    Aly Ssa 1 week ago

    Ohhhh Basile ça m’a fais trop mal quand il est parti le pauvre 😭

  • Karou Blue
    Karou Blue 1 week ago

    I don't get a single word but cuteness overload

  • Marilou
    Marilou 1 week ago

    I want an Eliott and a Lucas in my life, I NEED an Eliott and a Lucas in my life.

  • johnny ott
    johnny ott 1 week ago

    Pauvre Basile. Il mérite un câlin. Allé Daphné soit cool.

  • Como una perla
    Como una perla 1 week ago

    J'adore juste trop cette série, Eliott et Lucas son tellement mignon ❤️

    LORRA GOMORRHA 1 week ago

    The manon and emma scene is a bit weird since this season it's lucas pov and he definitely didn't saw that conversation

  • Jessica Duboix
    Jessica Duboix 1 week ago

    Ils sont posés au calme au parc au soleil alors que moi je suis dehors dans la tempête sans parapluie LOL 😂

  • Bliss Mint
    Bliss Mint 1 week ago

    Un des points forts de cette série c’est quand même le réalisme des dialogues

  • Aeriel Lin
    Aeriel Lin 1 week ago

    Everyone though Eliott would have an episode and just ditch the appointment

  • Megan
    Megan 1 week ago

    Oh Eliott went with them? Consider my wig snatched