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  • Published on Apr 14, 2019

  • Death has many faces. The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.
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  • R M
    R M 6 days ago

    Cersei: I wanted those elephants…

  • Shubham Garg
    Shubham Garg 3 days ago

    Bran: Can you push me

  • That bitch From therapy

    Jamie: need a push?

  • Spice Merchant Emhyr var Emreis

    "All the things that we would do to the man who murdered my father."

  • Angelique Mercado
    Angelique Mercado 4 days ago

    Ironic Daenerys Is saying that to Jamie. Considering she’s sitting at Ned Stark’s table, who’s father and brother was unjustly burnt alive by her father. 🤣☕️

  • Matanya Holmes
    Matanya Holmes 6 days ago

    Jaime: "Sorry I pushed you out that window."

  • Gawdzirra93 _
    Gawdzirra93 _ 1 day ago (edited)

    Sansa really is becoming a Catelyn/Cersei/Littlefinger hybrid.

  • Mphajay
    Mphajay 2 days ago

    Love Sansa this season. She seems to be channeling Cersei 's fierceness

  • George Patsourakis
    George Patsourakis 4 days ago

    Jamie has the best character development,he better not die like this.

  • Polly
    Polly 3 days ago

    if arya and gendry dont frickle frackle before the end of the season im suing

  • Lungam Bangyang
    Lungam Bangyang 6 days ago

    Exclusive Theory: Tormund gonna go undercover with his blue eyes and kill night king

  • RelapseGalore55
    RelapseGalore55 3 days ago

    I hope Sam interupts Dany during her speech at Jaime ..."You literally just told me you burnt my father AND brother alive..so yea.."

  • c20995
    c20995 2 days ago (edited)

    You gotta admire Jaime's bravery and growth as a Character.

  • Fellow Templar
    Fellow Templar 23 hours ago (edited)


  • Shravan Dikshith
    Shravan Dikshith 3 days ago


  • Beatriz Cardoso
    Beatriz Cardoso 6 days ago (edited)

    Daenerys, season 2 - WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS

  • Jesstheblonde13
    Jesstheblonde13 3 days ago

    Jamie: rides into winterfell

  • Matanya Holmes
    Matanya Holmes 3 days ago

    Brienne: He killed The Mad King and saved millions of lives.

  • Mike7021
    Mike7021 4 days ago

    Where is Ghost? I get that they spend most of the budget on the dragons, but this is getting ridiculous. And more ridiculous is the fact that they made Jon forget about him.

  • Anne Music
    Anne Music 1 day ago

    Bran is a mood: just sitting there judging people and spilling tea about them to others