Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem - Final Highlights | Roland-Garros 2019 Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Jun 9, 2019

  • Rafael Nadal vs Dominic Thiem - Final Highlights | Roland-Garros 2019. Watch the highlights of the great final between Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem. The Spanish won in four sets 6/3; 5/7; 6/1; 6/1 and claims his 12th Roland Garros ! These Highlights were brought to you by Emirates. #RG19 Visit Roland Garros' official website: http://rg.fr/RGweb Subscribe to our channel: http://rg.fr/ytrgin Follow us! Facebook: http://rg.fr/FBRolGa Twitter: http://rg.fr/Twrolg Instagram: http://rg.fr/instRG This is the official YouTube Channel of Roland Garros, home of the French Open. The tournament 2019 will run from 20 May - 09 June.
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  • Itaruu
    Itaruu 2 months ago

    At this point they should just name it the Nadal Open.

  • infoowetrust
    infoowetrust 2 months ago

    If all majors were played on clay Rafa would have 60 😂😂😂

  • Min Chu Tong
    Min Chu Tong 2 months ago

    He is not king of clay anymore.

  • Johnny Handegg
    Johnny Handegg 2 months ago

    Prince of Monte Carlo (11 wins)

  • Shawn Pysadee
    Shawn Pysadee 2 months ago

    Nadal. The best clay court tennis player ever. The French Open king.

  • waterglass21
    waterglass21 2 months ago

    Three tennis surfaces: Grass, cement and Nadal.

  • Sk 21
    Sk 21 1 month ago

    Who's here after Nadal loss to Federer at Wimbledon just for consolation?

  • Richard Oki
    Richard Oki 2 months ago

    I keep having to remind myself that this tournament is not played in Spain!

  • Alexander Pruger
    Alexander Pruger 2 months ago

    12 French open titles - that's crazy! Rafa owns this tournament.

  • sarguero
    sarguero 2 months ago

    When Nadal saw 6 French Open Borg's record, he said "Hold my beer....."

  • Zach McCormick
    Zach McCormick 2 months ago

    Roland Garros making 10 minute highlights is WAY more impressive than 12 French open titles. Lol

  • Tristram Garbellotto
    Tristram Garbellotto 2 months ago

    Legend has it, Nadal started to run on clay before he could crawl.

  • Kamal Hussain
    Kamal Hussain 2 months ago

    The year is 2029.

  • Fakhruddin ArRazi
    Fakhruddin ArRazi 2 months ago

    Thiem is future prince of clay no doubt. Played well but no one beats Clay King on his day.

  • Ahmed Samy
    Ahmed Samy 2 months ago

    Rafael Nadal is the greatest in the History ❤👏💪🎾🏆🎉

  • りょうりょう
    りょうりょう 2 months ago

    finally 10 minutes highlight... great job RG

  • Susanna_Songbird
    Susanna_Songbird 2 months ago (edited)

    I'm a Roger fan. But I am extremely happy for Rafa!!😁 The King of clay.

  • You see what i did there

    Level of difficulty: Nadal on Clay

  • Myrna Dalupang Bolos
    Myrna Dalupang Bolos 2 months ago

    Rafa is way way ahead of Them, but look how Thiem plays..it is amazing..Theim can be much better in the the coming years ...good job Thiem

  • ZyroSugar
    ZyroSugar 2 months ago

    Rafa is that video game end boss you just can't beat because the difficulity is on legendary