[2019 FESTA] Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix) - JK memories by BTS Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Jun 10, 2019

  • Euphoria (DJ Swivel Forever Mix) - JK memories Video source from BTS Actor JK https://soundcloud.com/bangtan/euphor...
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  • TheFashionNMakeup
    TheFashionNMakeup 2 months ago

    this is the number of people who want jungkook as their best friend👇🏼

  • Aisha Anwar
    Aisha Anwar 1 week ago (edited)

    Namjoon is my Moonchild

  • Zara Zoya
    Zara Zoya 2 weeks ago


  • toni r
    toni r 2 weeks ago

    I was having a bad day and I was crying and I immediately came to watch this and I feel so much better thank you I love you

  • Sami
    Sami 2 weeks ago

    who's here after euphoria finale?

  • bita salwa
    bita salwa 2 months ago (edited)

    G.C.F. : video of how jk seeing his hyungs

  • Stephanie Atillo
    Stephanie Atillo 2 weeks ago

    You don’t know me and let’s face it, even as an ARMY, I don’t know you completely. But I do know that you have a good soul. It’s sad that there’s probably 0.01% chance that I’ll get to meet you and thank you and the rest of Bangtan personally. Your music, your personality, hell, your mere existence, has blessed my life. You’re my light, Kookie. You’re our light. And we’ll always be your light in return. We’ll support you till the end.

  • aqosin
    aqosin 2 days ago

    i miss koo like where are you ? he haven’t posted in almost a month and i can’t do it anymore

  • moeeza Chaudry
    moeeza Chaudry 2 weeks ago

    Jungkook is the cause of my Euphoria♡..

  • Hyesun Kim
    Hyesun Kim 1 week ago

    Haters: BTS can't sing

  • mariachiii
    mariachiii 2 months ago

    "If your bias is not Jeon Jungkook then remember that your biases bias is Jungkook."

  • Carlos Virrey
    Carlos Virrey 2 weeks ago

    am i the only one who cried in this video. Jungkook is so precious

  • MissKarunia
    MissKarunia 2 weeks ago

    Recommend this video to people who came from Euphoria tv series :)

  • Riya Thapa
    Riya Thapa 1 week ago

    I want to be Jungkook's small sister if he had who else want to be his small sister like

  • Timo Mira
    Timo Mira 2 weeks ago

    In other GCF, we have always seen BTS through JK's eyes & his love for them.

  • Azra is eating noodles

    armies: bts can't beat our fan edits, fan edits make you cry.

  • Unknown Girl
    Unknown Girl 3 weeks ago

    Imagine you're the one who record this. You can see his cute smile, his laugh, his adorable face...

  • 김은진
    김은진 2 weeks ago

    Jungkook you will always stay in my heart.

  • Giana loves Bighit
    Giana loves Bighit 2 weeks ago

    this is so boyfriend material :'((

  • Isha Linee
    Isha Linee 1 week ago

    I’m so happy this world has Jungkook