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  • Published on Feb 10, 2017

  • Music Video for The 1st Single off My Mixtape "Life is Eazi" Vol 1 AccraToLagos Out Now!!! We move!!!! Africa To The World! ZAGA DAT!! Get The Mixtape On iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lif... Watch Mr Eazi - Property https://youtu.be/qPSQjsHcrZs Connect with Mr Eazi https://www.facebook.com/officialmrEaZi https://twitter.com/mreazi https://www.instagram.com/mreazi
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  • Lei Shay
    Lei Shay 2 years ago

    omg, black girls are so beautiful

  • chowder125
    chowder125 10 months ago

    Natural bodies for the win! All of the ladies are banging!

  • abby jones
    abby jones 3 months ago (edited)

    2019 anyone?

  • Nana Appiah
    Nana Appiah 3 months ago

    January 2019?❤️

  • Syrnalla Snow
    Syrnalla Snow 1 month ago

    March 2019??! 😚🤩😍

  • Remmy Henry
    Remmy Henry 2 years ago

    I pray whoever reads this, God heal whatever that is hurting You cox I love you regardless

  • Tanya Holmes
    Tanya Holmes 1 year ago

    I think ppl don't even see how much of a masterpiece this is... He combined afro beat randb rap... With deep melodic intent... His intent and power of his words was so deep... Yet no loud shouting or over powering beat.

  • ShuZuKiZz
    ShuZuKiZz 2 months ago

    February 2019 ??

  • Tony Mike
    Tony Mike 2 days ago

    If you’re watching this 2045, I was here !

  • Oio Bi
    Oio Bi 1 year ago

    I think I'm the only italian here

  • d_won1
    d_won1 2 years ago

    Why are Black women just so gorgeous?

  • Yodahe Hunde
    Yodahe Hunde 11 months ago

    omg i can’t stop listening to this song. i love it & i love nigerian music. Love from Ethiopian love 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  • norah nyatanga
    norah nyatanga 4 months ago

    The priest in the church's facial expressions really had me going😂

  • Bart
    Bart 1 year ago

    At the time I heard Cameroon in the lyrics I liked the song

  • Joseph Kimani
    Joseph Kimani 7 months ago

    The priest part is killer

  • Yacouba Moussa
    Yacouba Moussa 3 months ago

    Who listening this song in 2k19???

  • QueenB royal
    QueenB royal 1 year ago

    Duala liké cameroon ça veut dire que t'aime les filles duala alors dommage suis de Yaoundé moi😂🇨🇲 mais pg

  • Leah Kamere
    Leah Kamere 10 months ago

    Not just the choreography, what about the instruments?? The guitar, drums, keyboard, the works

  • William Ruto TV
    William Ruto TV 10 months ago

    That Bishop looks like he misled him even more

  • maybbxo
    maybbxo 2 years ago

    Nahh man, if only there was a button to switch your race, I'd happily set it to black. Black woman are stunning, I can't express how beautiful they are. Not to mention their bodies 3 I see white people dissing black people in the comment section and tbh I feel ashamed. You guy acc have the BALLS to diss their culture on their own video? Damn.. You didn't HAVE to click the video and yet you do, only to hate on it. That's just shameful. I'm not saying that all my race is bad, but the people who just started shit over this video is. Grow up and accept other cultures for once.