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  • 2017-04-05T22:14:52.000Z

  • Welcome back to my channel everyone! If you're new here or returning, I hope you stick around, and know that I am EXTREMELY humbled to have you here. Tonight's video is a "filler" if you will, in preparation for tomorrow's Roleplay.. but I'm not even sure which Roleplay I'll be doing tomorrow lol! I have a few old characters in mind.. but overall I'd like to focus a little bit on ABSOLUTE pampering and personal attention for a while. When I find myself feeling ignored, I literally come here and film pampering and personal attention videos.. anything negative I feel, I want others to feel the opposite. Anyway, today's video is a complete fast unintelligible speaking, hair play and hand movements video. I added a twist with the fast talking, only you can barely understand it. It's more for mouth sounds, but you'll see what I mean. I hope you enjoy, and I will see you tomorrow. I love you, I love you with all of my person. Goodnight x .. __________________________ MY HUSBANDS ASMR CHANNEL, "Essence Of ASMR": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC92C4ukr8R8D41oML2Q0frQ WISHLIST LINK (For home & babies, originally a Christmas Wishlist but keeping it up for now): http://a.co/0r7CFoq PAYPAL EMAIL (Helps keep my channel alive, and me alive): karunadanielsatori@yahoo.com Social Media: Facebook: "Karuna Daniel" (FOLLOW ONLY PLEASE) https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010590303184 SNAPCHAT: "KarunaASMRtist" IG: @_karunasatoriasmr Email (BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY): karunadanielsatori@yahoo.com
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