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  • Published on Nov 20, 2017

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  • ZaeHD !
    ZaeHD ! 1 year ago

    For everybody who wanna say we not from Memphis stop doing the dance... who said we were from Memphis ? We be in Memphis like every month. Nobody want credit for the dance lmao we just have fun, y’all to serious about a dance that more than us do lol

  • max is king 500
    max is king 500 11 months ago

    I want this dance in fortnite 😂

  • Ka'Len McNack
    Ka'Len McNack 3 months ago

    Shoe shoe shoe shoe shoe

  • Euphoria 572
    Euphoria 572 1 month ago

    What People Hear

  • Barack Jackson
    Barack Jackson 3 months ago

    Try watching this video with no sound is so fuking weird

  • I'm Daan
    I'm Daan 3 months ago


  • Black Royals
    Black Royals 1 year ago

    Shoot! Shoot!

  • Abdirahman Abdi
    Abdirahman Abdi 3 months ago

    Normal people hear shoot.

  • Pro100 D4n1la
    Pro100 D4n1la 3 weeks ago

    -BlocBoiii Joined the chat

  • Makhi Jones
    Makhi Jones 3 weeks ago

    Who still listen in in 2019😂😁

  • Yanny - chan
    Yanny - chan 3 months ago

    What I hear: shoo!

  • Mya Salina
    Mya Salina 1 year ago

    This go hard asf 👀🔥😭

  • Angel Gomez
    Angel Gomez 3 months ago


  • pewdiepie Fan
    pewdiepie Fan 3 months ago

    Should I do this in school

  • Dtae M
    Dtae M 2 weeks ago

    How this get more views than the actual video tho

  • TopCentralNews
    TopCentralNews 3 months ago

    When im hungry

  • JustDoingOurThang
    JustDoingOurThang 1 year ago

    “Shh! Don’t make a sound!”🤫

  • 8BenjY8
    8BenjY8 3 months ago

    fortnite is dumb for stealing the shoot and Milly Rock like if you agree

  • Øma Productions
    Øma Productions 3 months ago

    Did Y’all Notice This Hit More Views Than The Official Video Of Shoot😂🤷‍♂️

  • aquaninjaboy1 gaming
    aquaninjaboy1 gaming 3 months ago

    When your home alone