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  • Published on Apr 24, 2014

  • BEYONCÉ Platinum Edition. Available on iTunes: http://beyonce.lk/itunesplatinum Available on Amazon: http://beyonce.lk/platinumam Box Set includes : 2 New Tracks . 4 New Remixes . 10 Live performances . 2015 Mini Calendar . 2 Photo Books . 17 Music Videos Additional Music Score by Elad Marish, Swell Music + Sound Music video by Beyoncé performing Pretty Hurts. (C) 2013 Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment Follow Beyoncé Website: https://www.beyonce.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beyonce Twitter: https://twitter.com/beyonce Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beyonce Listen to Beyoncé iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/be... Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6vWDO...
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  • coco chanel
    coco chanel 3 years ago

    Who ever hates on this song or video is crazy.its shows even she is human.this world with the pagents and etc is destroying the women in society.while the guys catch a break on not being a size 5 

  • look1290
    look1290 1 month ago

    Who in 2019?

  • Yemisi Nunzia
    Yemisi Nunzia 2 months ago (edited)

    Perfection is a disease of a nation.

  • Sean McMahon
    Sean McMahon 2 months ago

    So glad Sia wrote this and I’m even more glad that Queen B delivered the message.

  • okay arii
    okay arii 2 months ago

    “Pretty” means nothing of you don’t feel like that inside.

  • SassySag
    SassySag 3 years ago

    It's important to remember that she's not saying that being pretty hurts. She's saying, everything we do for beauty, to make ourselves feel beautiful, hurts.

  • Brie fly
    Brie fly 2 months ago

    I love being ugly, I got acne, Dry hair, a leg longer than the other, and I'm overweight but I love being ugly cuz without my ugliness no one would appreciate someone else's beauty but I like myself honestly cuz although kids & teachers in high school made fun of me there were those who praised my talents in drawing and singing , it's a balance you just gotta know which side you'll put more attention & energy into and always know that you are living a life someone else in the other side of the world dreams of, be happy and love yourself even when you believe no one else loves you💞

  • Priscilla Brittain
    Priscilla Brittain 1 month ago

    who’s listening in 2019?❤️

  • suhaylah ghaznavi
    suhaylah ghaznavi 2 months ago (edited)

    Beyonce only lost cause she said the truth

  • Error:1527382
    Error:1527382 1 month ago

    Did you know Sia wrote this song for Katty Perry, but Beyonce fought for it and she got it?

  • Haley F
    Haley F 4 years ago

    "Pretty doesn't hurt ugly hurts"

  • King-Bee
    King-Bee 1 month ago (edited)

    Still a Bop ! In 2019

  • Isabella Shakur
    Isabella Shakur 1 month ago

    Beyoncé helped to cure my depression and bulimia. I'll always be thankful ❤

  • Kaira Abrahams
    Kaira Abrahams 1 month ago

    2019 anyone

  • Luca Falco
    Luca Falco 3 weeks ago (edited)

    ~**~ LYRICS ~**~

  • Charlotte Sugar
    Charlotte Sugar 1 year ago

    Every single year I watch this to remind myself it's ok not too look like a Barbie .

  • Nadia Al-Amin
    Nadia Al-Amin 2 months ago

    You know who the most pretty soul belongs to

  • Elena Michaels
    Elena Michaels 3 weeks ago (edited)

    One of the best parts of the song for me...speaks volumes💖💖💖

  • Tasha Lunsford
    Tasha Lunsford 1 month ago

    One of the few songs of Beyoncé’s I TRULY enjoy....mainly because it’s such a deep and TRUE message. Sadly, doesn’t matter who you are, everyone struggles with insecurities, and we live in a society that puts SO much emphasis on looks (definitely a disease of a nation as she said!) we (society) focus on perfection on the outside SO much, we forget what’s TRULY important - what’s inside, and how YOU feel about YOURSELF. Others shouldn’t have the power to make you feel ugly or beneath someone else, sadly, all of us have felt that way at some point in time. We need to take the power back and stop letting others determine how we look, feel or how we THINK we should look. EVERYONE is beautiful. Every single person. Yes, you, the one reading this, you’re beautiful! Damn what someone else’s thoughts are. Tall, short, dark skin, pale skin, medium skin, small breast, big breast, thin, chubby, fat, muscular, petite, etc etc You’re BEAUTIFUL....everyone needs to focus on the inside, their personality, their character, their attitude, etc Outside beauty is subjective, what one may find gorgeous another may not, as long as YOU love you based on how you feel and who you are, and not based off what society is telling you is pretty- that’s important....as long as you’re happy with your personality, your quirks, your attitude, your aspirations & dreams, how you treat others etc THATS true beauty!

  • Stanzi Malan
    Stanzi Malan 1 month ago

    They did surgery on a grape you know