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  • 18 ago. 2018

  • Welcome back to our channel family! If you're new here, I want to welcome you to our little family. You are in an extremely safe place, where we only allow love and compassion.. there is room for opinion, but nobody digs or tolerates hate. So welcome again, know you are safe, loved, and welcomed. We sound like a cult, because we probably are. Tonight’s video is a simple yet super relaxing video where I will be (with as always, your permission!) examining your face. This is NOT a doctor vibe video, but a relaxed, little talking hang out but. I’ll be measuring, taking notes, brushing, and more... to your face! There’s one point toward the end where I go off on a rant for like three minutes so forgive me ahaha. Anyway.. I hope you dig this! I’ve been planning a role play for this week and have wanted to make sure I get some relaxing content out in between. So...... please! Sit back, relax, and allow me to measure your face! Know I absolutely LOVVVVVE you love you loooove you with ALL of my person.. I’ll see you tomorrow! Triggers In This Bit: Measuring Note Taking Flash Light Brushing Flash Light Massage Water Spray Tracing Pressing Poking ~ ~ ~ ~ My “NSFW” Side Of ASMR, 18+ ONLY: (NEW Adoolt Content & Page Changes) 📝💌📬💕 Sarah Dishong P.O Box 151 Windber PA, 15963 💕📬💌📝 MY ASMR ALBUMS, AVAILABLE FOR STREAM & DOWNLOAD: NEWEST ALBUM JUNE 2018 (Hypnosis Clinic | Past Life Regression): MARCH 2018 (Sleep Clinic | Personal Attention) ~ ~ ~ ~ MY SIDE CHANNEL, "Karuna Satori BASIC": ONE MORE CHANNEL? WHO COULD IT BE?! MY YOUNOW: ~ ~ ~ ~ Helpful Wishes ~ PAYPAL: ~ ~ ~ ~ SOCIAL MEDIA & BUSINESS INQUIRIES FACEBOOK: SNAPCHAT: @karunaASMR INSTAGRAM: @_karunasatoriasmr TUMBLR, 18+ BUSINESS EMAIL - Sponsorships, Collaborations, & Commissions ONLY -