Amazing!! Animal Saves Another Animal | Animal Heroes 2016 HD Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Apr 27, 2016

  • Baboons Save Deer From Leopard - Hippo Help Deer and Zebra, Bear Saves Crow From Drowning and Lioness Saves baby calf from another lion attack , try not cry - Top 7 Best Videos animal Save Lifes Or Just Playing With Food ? Is the animal sharing the human instinct of mercy or all of what we saw in this video purely coincidental More Animal Videos: https://animalslifevideos.blogspot.com Top 7 Best Eagle Attacks: https://youtu.be/EwTul9-HGu8 Thank you for watching! Please don't forget like, comment and subscribe on my channel!
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  • theevilpig36
    theevilpig36 4 months ago

    I’m waiting for shark saves fish from drowning

  • MCrayold .L
    MCrayold .L 1 month ago

    The last clip is just a lion protecting its food lol 😂

  • Sergent Bean
    Sergent Bean 2 weeks ago (edited)


  • lil oof
    lil oof 6 days ago

    The lion saved the dear so it will grow up to be a bigger meal some day, a worthy investment

  • BesteKanaal1
    BesteKanaal1 2 days ago

    so the cheetah gets scared from a monkey? 😂

  • Nicole Coolbaugh
    Nicole Coolbaugh 1 year ago

    what i have learned from this is that hippos hate crocodiles

    BERSERK 1 week ago

    1st Bird: I'm still alive?!

  • matt8863
    matt8863 2 weeks ago


  • Danny Wilson Jr.
    Danny Wilson Jr. 21 hours ago

    Man that Impala came back to life? Wtf?! 😭

  • Lit lil bro
    Lit lil bro 1 day ago

    The first bird was so confused ahaha

  • RageOfFireX
    RageOfFireX 1 year ago

    Love how that deer was playing dead

  • Yashwanth
    Yashwanth 2 weeks ago

    When animals save a fish from drowning. People are angry. (damm double standards)

  • iM HaZY
    iM HaZY 1 day ago

    #2 seemed kinda pointless to be honest... the zebras back leg was broken.. no way he survived the night.

  • ResidentEvil302cuba rican215

    The orangutans was the best 1

  • The Walking Thrones
    The Walking Thrones 1 month ago

    #1 Saving lunch not animal lol. 🦁

  • KL Cassidy
    KL Cassidy 2 months ago

    I saw sharks teaching humans how to swim faster

  • skyx bloods
    skyx bloods 1 day ago

    Go Gloria!! (Madagascar you know......never mind)

  • suck u mudda
    suck u mudda 11 hours ago

    All my life I been hearing slangs like fatten cow for a next man to butcher well lioness sets perfect eg 😂

  • Shannan Collins
    Shannan Collins 5 days ago

    I thought that impala was dead

  • Manan Choudhary
    Manan Choudhary 1 month ago

    It seemed some of these animals were just protecting their meals from others