No Man's Sky Next | GUARANTEED S CLASS SPAWNS: Exotic Ship / Multitool / Freighter Location Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Aug 14, 2018

  • No Man's Sky Next | GUARANTEED S CLASS SPAWNS: Exotic Ship / Multitool / Freighter Location Exotic Squid Ship: https://bit.ly/2KR3Ua1 S Class Alien/Experimental Multitool: https://bit.ly/2OCCqXP Freighter: https://nmsportals.github.io/#005D035... Portal decoder: https://nmsportals.github.io/ No Man's Sky NEXT Let's Play Series: https://bit.ly/2Ai0r4h No Man's Sky NEXT Update Guides: https://goo.gl/zri3X6 All my No Man's Sky related content: https://goo.gl/xd2YTb No Man's Sky is a space exploration video game created by Sean Murray and released by Hello Games. It was first announced during E3 2014 and had it's full release on august 2016. Until today, No Man's Sky has received four major updates : The Foundation, Pathfinder, Atlas Rises and NEXT. The NEXT update 1.5 went live on July 24th 2018 and brought many huge changes to No Man's Sky such as a full multiplayer experience, brand new character models, overhauled graphics, a fleet system and a ton of other core gameplay mechanics. Join in the adventure today! - Help me reach 30.000 subs : https://bit.ly/2uLoCBT - Follow me on Twitter: https://bit.ly/2L5lBYg - Follow me on Instagram: https://bit.ly/2Lqs247 - Join the awesome No Man's Sky Amino Community: https://bit.ly/2vl1IBN
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  • MulberryDeer
    MulberryDeer 8 months ago

    I would love the squid ship better if it wasn't back to front. It looks stupid flying with the tentacles facing forward.

  • John Woods
    John Woods 8 months ago

    This channel came outta nowhere! Best no mans Next videos out there. Keep it up.

  • MossyDaMoose
    MossyDaMoose 8 months ago

    Khraze you are literally the best at this game!

  • TomK7
    TomK7 8 months ago (edited)

    I have a system that spawns a blue squid ship and is the very first to land at the space station.

  • Jongo Phett
    Jongo Phett 8 months ago

    I saw a post where someone turned the inside of his freighter into a big farm. Im sorta new to the game so is that a good thing to do with your freighter? and If it is maybe you could do a tutorial on how to make a good freighter farm.

  • Taira How
    Taira How 8 months ago

    You haven't updated the let's play

  • Pirho
    Pirho 8 months ago

    Dude, your frames are so smooth, my eyes slip out out of my head

  • Ken zenith
    Ken zenith 8 months ago (edited)


  • Bebé Polar
    Bebé Polar 8 months ago


  • Cellardoor
    Cellardoor 8 months ago

    A different S-class starship spawned for me :(

  • Corvus Vigil
    Corvus Vigil 8 months ago

    Khraze, stahp, you're spoiling me and I can't play yet 😂

  • Bill Gilbert
    Bill Gilbert 8 months ago

    Thanks for the Exotic Squid Ship. Completes my collection. Your doing awesome work here.

  • Damian Adams
    Damian Adams 8 months ago

    I love your tutorials. They help alot. Hope more keep coming. Can u do a video on all or most exotic ships plz

  • Depxti
    Depxti 8 months ago

    Holy poop. 24K so soon? Incredible! Keep it up!

    GM GAMEPLAY 8 months ago

    Khraze wassup bro I'm on the planet on Xbox with the alien s multi tool but nobody found it yet...can you tell me the current location numbers of the location of the outpost?

  • Geo Bana
    Geo Bana 7 months ago

    I am trapped in this system... games shutting down after 3 seconds

  • Mark Gadilie
    Mark Gadilie 8 months ago

    can you make s class fighter ship tutorial

  • palmeristo
    palmeristo 7 months ago

    I've been looking at videos all night and yours is the best dude. I even found your comm station for the multi tool! subbed.

  • madwalrus9998
    madwalrus9998 8 months ago (edited)

    Also im thinking these glyphs are for the first galaxy which im not in.

  • Rhys Gill
    Rhys Gill 8 months ago

    mine gave me a different exotic ship that i really wanted 👍