2019 British Grand Prix: Race Highlights Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019

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  • David De Pasquale
    David De Pasquale 1 month ago

    Verstappen vs. Leclerc. It's hard racing, but fair racing. That's what we all want to see.

  • Jan hartman
    Jan hartman 1 month ago

    The reaction of the crowd at the crash of Max and Seb is like the crowd at wii sports tennis

  • Sebastian Fuchs
    Sebastian Fuchs 1 month ago

    Ferrari: Verstappen is in front of you

  • fifia lpo
    fifia lpo 1 month ago

    Charles: exists

  • Lewie Barry
    Lewie Barry 1 month ago

    The enthusiasm of this British commentator. The Dutch commentators are so dull compared to this.

  • Batuhan Demir
    Batuhan Demir 1 month ago

    Bottas: I think I have a great chance to win.

  • Butterbean
    Butterbean 1 month ago

    Vettel rear-ends Verstappen

  • Ultra Conservative
    Ultra Conservative 19 hours ago

    They'll blame Hamilton for Vettel's crash. He must have poured some oil for Vettel to crash into Max. lol.

  • Vectro666
    Vectro666 1 month ago

    How did both Haas car’s retire but Vettel and Max continued?

  • Reuben Charles
    Reuben Charles 1 month ago

    Race highlights 7 minutes. Max and Charles’s battle 6 minute 27 seconds. This race was freaking amazing

  • NathansVideos46
    NathansVideos46 1 month ago

    I couldn't care less what the crowd is doing. Never show them again during a battle

  • Jazmi Hamizan
    Jazmi Hamizan 2 weeks ago

    *Vettel hits Verstappen

  • Lawrence
    Lawrence 1 month ago

    the real winner of the race was everyone who watch f1 =)

  • Priyansh Vyas
    Priyansh Vyas 1 month ago

    I'm just waiting for "Charles Leclerc wins the

  • manvindar singh
    manvindar singh 1 month ago

    That Honda engine is seriously powerful now, maybe ahead of Renault by this point.

  • Gijs Vdv
    Gijs Vdv 1 month ago

    Lets hope we see more of verstappen vs leclerc this season!

  • J Y
    J Y 1 month ago

    Who cares about the Mercedes when you have Verstappen vs Leclerc and Ricciardo vs Mclaren

  • ucheucheuche
    ucheucheuche 2 days ago

    Vettel was in The Matrix, his body possessed by Schumacher.

  • Sai Chandra Reddy
    Sai Chandra Reddy 1 month ago

    Mercedes: Pit Bottas on soft for a fastest lap

  • willem evert de jong

    Charles Leclerc is the best.Charles Leclerc is the best.!!!