Amy Lehpamer - Saturday Night Crack-Up - Get Over It - 2014 Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Nov 26, 2017

  • Amy Lehpamer, probably the hottest star of the stage right now, along with Eddie Perfect, has something to raise the spirits of anyone feeling a little down in the dumps - from Saturday Night Crack-Up, ABC Mentalas Variety Spectacular - 2014. Please Comment, Like, Share & Subscribe for more Aussie Celeb videos https://www.youtube.com/c/xenclips?su...
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  • hhoward14
    hhoward14 1 year ago

    By any standards that was a brilliantly written and executed routine,that clearly and convincingly was sending itself up with so much authority, it became high art.

  • brent cowell
    brent cowell 1 year ago

    she has a real nice pair of hosed legs id like to play with

  • Don Morgan
    Don Morgan 1 year ago

    I aGREE WITH jammer70's she not only a great singer she does have very nice legs also. and shows nice in her panty hose.

  • Ronnie Guitar
    Ronnie Guitar 1 year ago

    pause, pull back, pause, pull back, pause

  • Nik Lavs
    Nik Lavs 9 months ago

    Ami Lehpamer!ll-Super! Shi's beautiful and best of the best Спасибо за красоту исполнения! ( Thank you for beauty of the performance!)

  • R S
    R S 1 year ago

    Wow that's wonderful. I haven't enjoyed a dance song such as that in a long time.

  • jammer70s
    jammer70s 1 year ago

    Fabulous legs... and clad in wonderful sheer pantyhose! Delicious.

  • Don Morgan
    Don Morgan 1 year ago

    you have out standing looks and all the other extra nice body plus a great voice also.

  • Tiger.
    Tiger. 1 year ago

    I was going to enjoy my popcorn but the Microway wasn’t fast enough and it was over!!

  • Name Familyname
    Name Familyname 1 year ago

    bravoo ! perfect !

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones 1 year ago

    'Hottest' stars of the stage? BTW Dave Anderson; Cheers Mate!!!!!!!!!! *&*&^*&***!

  • douglas berry
    douglas berry 1 year ago

    Amy reminds me of a young Christine baranski. I wish as that level of success.

  • Keith Mitchell
    Keith Mitchell 11 months ago

    that was dancing...? i think they are all on crack

  • Bruce Greenberg
    Bruce Greenberg 11 months ago

    Your Marvelous

  • iconoclastic wannabe

    Agree with others, great in many ways, but his pants are short and it makes his shoes look so big!

  • Celio Januario
    Celio Januario 1 year ago

    O que é isso que maravilha de voz é essa doido

  • Kut Michael
    Kut Michael 1 year ago

    Don't believe my life

  • flyingfox10001
    flyingfox10001 1 year ago

    she is stunning and talented, love her body and the hair, the dress can come off ASAP.

  • illstrumentals
    illstrumentals 1 year ago

    nice up skirt panty shot at

  • Snoo Lee
    Snoo Lee 1 year ago

    beautiful voice, capable