President of CROATIA & FRANCE , Kiss before the match and also hug in ceremony time Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018

  • Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović is a Croatian politician and diplomat serving as the 4th and current President of Croatia since 2015. She is the first woman to be elected to the office since the first multi-party elections in 1990. Born: 29 April 1968 (age 50 years), Rijeka, Croatia Spouse: Jakov Kitarović (m. 1996) Education: George Washington University (2002–2003), Previous offices: Assistant Secretary General for Public Diplomacy (2011–2014), MORE Children: Katarina Kitarović, Luka Kitarović Siblings: Branko Grabar
  • President of CROATIA & FRANCE , Kiss before the match and also hug in ceremony time tags


  • irfand4
    irfand4 10 months ago

    France won the cup.

  • Lausanne vancou
    Lausanne vancou 11 months ago (edited)

    The president of croatia is beautiful inside and out

  • Sonia Alexander
    Sonia Alexander 11 months ago

    In the State when you kiss and add tongue its called French Kiss they are Bae or very good looking people.

  • Zack P.
    Zack P. 11 months ago

    President of Croatia is a true star of the World Cup games. Endlessly charming, open heart and drop dead attractive. She is sure the most beautiful sitting President in the World.

  • Philippe Bednarek
    Philippe Bednarek 10 months ago (edited)

    That kiss means nothing they just show respect, it’s good sportsmanship

  • praveen job
    praveen job 11 months ago

    You are the Great The President of in the WORLD Mrs.Kolinda .God Bless You.From Praveen Job,India.Citizen of Crotia peoples are Most Lucky in the World.

  • pgthinker007
    pgthinker007 11 months ago

    She speaks so many languages, like Mrs. Trump.

  • vicksdad
    vicksdad 11 months ago

    Croatia very generously gave France two of their goals.

  • watson Cie
    watson Cie 10 months ago

    Entre Vladimir & Emmanuel, la galanterie & la drague ont succombé au charme de la princesses Kolinda de Croatie.

  • yann Paname
    yann Paname 11 months ago

    Je la trouve gracieux c'est très joli

  • Игорь Иванов

    Какая красивая и очень приятная женщина!!!

  • kind good man
    kind good man 10 months ago

    ليه انا مطلتعتش كرواتي

  • Kelli Van Oordt
    Kelli Van Oordt 11 months ago

    Aaaah, you can't help but smile watching something like this. So admirable!!! God bless her!

  • Katalin Hegeduš
    Katalin Hegeduš 10 months ago

    Macron i Kolinda, sluge NWOa. Bljak!

  • Kenneth Kinoti M
    Kenneth Kinoti M 11 months ago

    after Croatia losing Wordcup to France ,seems they are losing their president to France too....ANYWAY LOTS OF LOVE FROM KENYA

  • Abdul Hameedbdl
    Abdul Hameedbdl 11 months ago

    Croatia president I love

  • deenanath sahu
    deenanath sahu 11 months ago

    Hottest president of the planet.

  • Krimo Zouair
    Krimo Zouair 10 months ago

    ماكرون قلب على مرتو

  • Svjetlana Tomic
    Svjetlana Tomic 11 months ago

    Die beste Präsidentin für IMMER HERZLICHKEIT PUR Yes for Croatia

  • King Mener
    King Mener 11 months ago

    Kiss of deth