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  • 12 ago. 2014

  • Official Live Video for “I Am Not Alone” by Kari Jobe Listen to latest release: https://karijobe.lnk.to/thegardenYD Subscribe to Kari Jobe on YouTube: https://karijobe.lnk.to/SubscribeYD Follow Kari Jobe: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karijobe/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KariJobe/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/karijobe Website: https://karijobe.com/ Check out other videos: Kari Jobe, Cody Carnes - Cover The Earth (Live w/ Lyrics) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyq9T... Kari Jobe - Speak To Me (Live) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5kKQ... Kari Jobe - Lover Of My Soul (Live/Lyric Video) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54zz1... LYRICS When I walk through deep waters I know that You will be with me When I’m standing in the fire I will not be overcome Through the valley of the shadow I will not fear I am not alone I am not alone You will go before me You will never leave me In the midst of deep sorrow I see Your light is breaking through The dark of night will not overtake me I am pressing into You Lord, You fight my every battle And I will not fear You amaze me Redeem me You call me as Your own You’re my strength You’re my defender You’re my refuge in the storm Through these trials You’ve always been faithful You bring healing to my soul Music video by Kari Jobe performing I Am Not Alone. (C) 2014 KAJE, LLC. under exclusive license to Sparrow Records


  • Jeffrey Hill
    Jeffrey Hill Hace 1 mes

    I was driving through a snowstorm in a tractor trailer and I was being over taken with fear, as I could see the road. Speed limit was 65 and I was going 15-20 mph. Fear was telling me that I could not do this and I almost pulled over which would have placed myself and other motorist in danger. Then this song came on the radio, I knew then I was good, I kept driving and with each mile I became empowered and drove right out of the storm to calmer weather. Never doubt God!

  • Gregg Semian
    Gregg Semian Hace 3 semanas

    I'm dying of Huntington's disease I am not alone you walk with me every step of my battle

  • Sarah Eaton
    Sarah Eaton Hace 1 mes

    I'm so heartbroken right now. This song gives me so much hope. I know He is my refuge. I don't want to lose my husband. Why is my marriage under attack once again? Pray for me and my family please.

  • Immanuel Eze
    Immanuel Eze Hace 11 meses

    God saved me from a car accident. I know am not alone.

  • Nenku Thao
    Nenku Thao Hace 2 meses

    All Christians around the world is one family in Jesus Christ. God loves all. AMEN

  • Seediana Bennett Cooke
    Seediana Bennett Cooke Hace 4 meses

    God will go before me and fight all my battles

  • Busi Lethole
    Busi Lethole Hace 4 meses (editado)

    In the early hours of this morning (25 January 2020) my beloved mother passed away. Hours before she passed My family and I were by her side while she layed on the hospital bed. At one point my sister-in-law and I sang this song to her and she tried to hum it even though her heart and oxygen levels were super low. She heard us and hummed it for some seconds. I was so moved by this. This was her favourite Kari Jobe song and I just wanted her to know that even though she’s going through the worst pain, she is not alone. We are with her and most importantly our Lord Jesus Christ is with her. I know she is now in the presence of our Lord and Saviour Jesus. One day I will see her and my dad again. Oh how happy I will be!

  • Pj Garcia
    Pj Garcia Hace 1 año

    I’m gay and I am trying to reconnect and strengthen my faith back to Jesus. It’s a continuous struggle due to people telling me I’m a sin but I know I am not alone.

  • Euro Euro
    Euro Euro Hace 8 meses

    "Jesus I’m sorry I wasted my

  • Anna Palacio
    Anna Palacio Hace 1 año

    I am someone who has struggled with depression most of my life. The first time I heard this song I cried. I am thankful to know that Jesus helps to heal my wounds and my hurts. I can know that Jesus is the same today, yesterday, and forever. He doesn't change. He loves me.

  • Jessica Christensen
    Jessica Christensen Hace 4 meses

    You bring healing to my soul Lord🙏🏼 Who's here in 2020.?

  • Patricia Ngene
    Patricia Ngene Hace 1 año

    I heard this song while I was caring for my son who had gotten a clot in his heart while he was on treatment for recurrence of lymphoma. They wanted to do open heart surgery so we were in the coronary intensive care unit. Night after night amidst the beeping monitors , the nurses in scrubs, the uncertainty and the fear ... I played this song on repeat and when my phone died I sang it under my breath. And one day I went out to the washroom and returning I felt a Presence waking beside me , so strongly that I stopped and stood. And worshipped. And was comforted. It was hard. But my son made it out of there without the surgery . He had the transplant and was cured. Jesus never left me alone He was with us all the time. And still is. Thank you Kari for your wonderful gift

  • Alexa G
    Alexa G Hace 4 años

    Christ saved me from my suicidal thoughts. I AM SAVED.

  • palesa Lydia
    palesa Lydia Hace 7 meses

    I'm not alone. I lost everyone close to me my parents and my baby sister 😭😭 life it's not easy but by God grace I stand tall and praise him ..

  • Moisés Vasquez
    Moisés Vasquez Hace 1 año (editado)

    I'm not alone.

  • Xan Der
    Xan Der Hace 1 año

    These past year i have been in nothing but agony and pain, once I started to pray and talk to god instantly all that troubled me was lifted and i felt whole again. I love our god with that i have theres nothing that i can love more than god for he is my savior and my light within a valley of darkness.

  • Veroe Siziba
    Veroe Siziba Hace 2 meses

    After losing my mother i thought my life was over.this song brought healing to my soul...i am not alone and he will never leave me. i felt blessed and comforted.

  • Pepto Abysmal
    Pepto Abysmal Hace 5 años

    I've been battling with suicidal thoughts and severe depression for a long time. I've tried telling my parents,but they don't understand. And when they told me to get over it,i felt even worse then i did before. For years i kept everything to myself and promised myself to NEVER tell anyone about my problems in real life. A couple months back i was listening to Forever (Kari Jobe) and this was in the recommended section. I watched it and when it got to th chorus,i started crying my hear out. I've been struggling with my faith and relationship with God for alone time now. But this song has had such an big impact on my life. Just remember that if you're breathing,God isn't done with you. The enemy comes to steal and kill,but if you're just breathing God is still with you and will deliver you from your pain. And when everyone else has left you and betrayed you or your problems are too "messy",remember God is there. "I'm not alone. You will go before me. You will never leave me." God already knows how your life will play out. He knows you more than anybody (even yourself.). Dont worry about tomorrow. Just even today has enough of it's worries. I may be 14 now,but life can be hard for anyone. And more thing i would like to say/quote. "So when the whole world turns against me and I'm all by myself.

  • Loretta Yormekpe
    Loretta Yormekpe Hace 2 meses

    God please forgive me and protect me in all things 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • S
    S Hace 2 semanas

    This song is so encouraging for me. During this isolation, because of the covid-19 virus .