Felicity's Quince Surprise Dance - Baile Sorpresa Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Dec 28, 2017

  • Country, boots, cumbia, bachata, merengue and more! Quinceañera surprise dance, baile sorpresa October 14, 2017 at Knights of Columbus, Alvin, Texas Songs in this mix are not songs of our own and these are the following songs. "Hechizero de Linares-Redoblando", sound recording administered by: The Orchard Music "Romeo Santos-Propuesta Indecente", sound recording administered by: SME "christina perri-A Thousand Years", sound recording administered by: WMG "Latino Band-La Duena del Swing", sound recording administered by: Believe Music
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  • Lady Laura
    Lady Laura 9 months ago

    Estás hermosa me encanta tus 15 eres muy linda que Dios los guarde y los acompañe en todo momento😘

  • Leilan So
    Leilan So 1 year ago

    El vestido hermoso la canción igual pero vestido con botas

  • ZeydaVlogs
    ZeydaVlogs 1 year ago

    Qué lindos todos💖💖me encantaron la botas de la quinceñera son hermosas

  • Cindy Love
    Cindy Love 1 year ago

    I liked how the girls looked like their age.. Unlike many girls now a days look like their 25 and dancing inappropriate.. This is how a 15 dance should look like! Good job girls!👌☺

  • Ale Muruaga
    Ale Muruaga 1 year ago

    Esto fue PERFECTO

  • Sandra Juarez
    Sandra Juarez 1 year ago

    Beautiful, this is A SWEET 15 , de Nina a mujer . Not like other videos I seen with girls doing to much on their special day .

  • Viviana Ponce
    Viviana Ponce 1 year ago

    THATS MY SIS❤️😭😭

  • Jessica Fernandez
    Jessica Fernandez 1 year ago

    The best one I've seen in forever, it was cute!

  • Alix Martinez
    Alix Martinez 1 year ago

    El presentador lo arruino todo está hermoso pero ese fue el único problema

  • Royann Cisneros
    Royann Cisneros 1 year ago

    where did the rest of the girls get their dresses? 😩

  • Naty Perez
    Naty Perez 1 year ago

    Esta bien bonito tu vestido

  • David Jiménez
    David Jiménez 1 year ago

    Muy linda la cumpleañera

  • Serena Guardiola
    Serena Guardiola 1 year ago

    This is a v well choreographed dance do you mind sharing the songs?

  • Elena Vergara Rojas

    oye q cancion fue la primera en donde sale y como se llana

  • Løwkey _cute
    Løwkey _cute 1 year ago

    Did anyone notice that the guy almost tripped on her dress at

  • Alondra Rodriguez
    Alondra Rodriguez 1 year ago

    Where did you buy the dress?

  • M. Jakelyne Gonzalez
    M. Jakelyne Gonzalez 11 months ago

    Where did you get your suprise dance dress

  • Angeles Garcia
    Angeles Garcia 11 months ago

    Que bonita y Hermosa y lida ypresiose. La 15 años para la mucho