ASMR for SLEEP | A BINAURAL Makeup ROLE PLAY Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Dec 25, 2017

  • Welcome back to our channel family! If you're new here, I want to welcome you to our little family. You are in an extremely safe place, where we only allow love and compassion.. there is room for opinion, but nobody digs or tolerates hate. So welcome again, know you are safe, loved, and welcomed. We sound like a cult, because we probably are. First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Whether you celebrate or not, I would still like to wish you love and safety on this day!! Remember, it's not about the presents, it's not about money, it's about love and family! Don't have family? Of course you do!! Right here. Three years ago I started this channel thinking I wouldn't get past 100 subscribers. 100 turned to 300, 300 turned into 1,000... and so on. Around 60,000 people, something big happened in my personal life. It was in that time I started viewing everyone here differently. You all came together as a FAMILY would and made me feel loved, especially from a person who has little to no family. I was so humbled, and so proud. That's where and when I realized you guys are NOT subscribers, you are my family. So Merry Christmas today, remember you're ALWAYS welcome here, safe here, and loved. Without further adue, let me introduce tonight's video!! A makeup role play, binaural, very simple! I didn't want to use the word "Christmas" much here, as someone like me two years ago would have hated that. We must remember this day is very painful to others as well!! So let's just get together, and be together. I pray whatever you are doing today, you stay safe. You are so wanted and loved, and I don't ever want you to believe different. Yes, you who is reading this. Stay safe today. I LOVE you guys with ALL of my person... and I'll see you tomorrow!! ~ ~ ~ ~ My “NSFW” Side Of ASMR, 18+ ONLY: https://www.patreon.com/KarunaSatoriASMR MY SIDE CHANNEL, "Karuna Satori BASIC": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9lO... MY YOUNOW: https://www.younow.com/KarunaSatoriAS... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 📝💌📬💕 Sarah Dishong P.O Box 151 Windber PA, 15963 💕📬💌📝 AMAZON WISHLIST: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wi... PAYPAL: karunadanielsatori@yahoo.com ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ SOCIAL MEDIA & BUSINESS INQUIRIES FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?... SNAPCHAT: @karunaASMR INSTAGRAM: @_karunasatoriasmr TUMBLR, 18+ https://karunasatoriasmr.tumblr.com/p... BUSINESS EMAIL - Sponsorships, Collaborations, & Commissions ONLY - karunadanielsatori@yahoo.com & karunadanielsatoriASMR@yahoo.com


  • Mercedes Moon
    Mercedes Moon 1 year ago

    "You have incredible skin"

  • Fluffy Da big Fluffy

    Karuna matata it means great tingles for the rest of your days

  • Madz lol
    Madz lol 1 year ago

    I need this after being asked by 8 different relatives if the rips in my jeans are supposed to be there😂

  • emilykgr
    emilykgr 1 year ago

    I love makeover roleplays because they always tell me my skin is incredible and that’s a nice escape from reality.

  • Lena Rosendahl
    Lena Rosendahl 1 year ago

    I've never watched any ASMR until today, and it feels so strange, like being taken care of. It's really neat that there's a community of people out there dedicated to taking care of strangers. Neat, also, that we've discovered this particular way to make each other feel good, and instead of rejecting it as too intimate or strange, we've embraced it.

  • just no one.
    just no one. 1 year ago

    and she posts on christmas.

  • Princess Brown
    Princess Brown 1 year ago

    Merry Christmas random person scrolling through the comments, hope your day is going well !!🎄🎁 ☃️

  • asmr zeitgeist
    asmr zeitgeist 1 year ago

    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones Karuna! Looove the video, as always! 👍⏳❤️

  • Haley B
    Haley B 1 year ago

    Thank you. Battling with depression and this year's Christmas was the worst. I need to take a nap. Thank you.

  • Kactuskid7
    Kactuskid7 1 year ago

    I like to think of myself as a mans man but I really have enjoyed this particular video while working (my job is very paperwork heavy). I don't understand the differences between shadow and blush but I think thats why I like the video. Its someone whispering something I don't understand and it makes it easier for me to concentrate because I don't have to pay super close attention to whats being said. Hope that makes sense. I used to get tingles when my friends would help me with algebra or anatomy back in high school and I think that the foreign (to me) material being explained and practiced is a sort of tingly trigger. I enjoy a wide variety of ASMR but your ability to project your personality really leaves me coming back to your channel time and time again. Thank you!

  • Ej
    Ej 1 year ago

    “Definitely don’t mind staying” said no worker ever 😂

  • Megan Bowling
    Megan Bowling 1 year ago

    Saying I have incredible skin, even if you can't see me, is a massive confidence boost, I suffer with acne and bad anxiety because of my acne. You really know how to make someone you've never met feel so welcome and I thank you for helping me with my insomnia over this year and I want to wish you a happy new year! Beautiful ring that you got for xmas btw

  • ShaunTheCHB
    ShaunTheCHB 1 year ago

    Have yourself.....a very Karuna Christmas. ;)

  • Oriana Mengucci
    Oriana Mengucci 1 year ago

    Yas 50th view! I don't care what time it is, let's go tf to sleep

  • Chief Artist
    Chief Artist 1 year ago


  • Jaedon Jones
    Jaedon Jones 1 year ago

    If you go to the dollar store they have a dental kit you could buy and then use it for a dentist role play

  • Jonathan Whitelaw
    Jonathan Whitelaw 1 year ago (edited)

    Last time I was this early, I witnessed the birth of Christ

  • Jorja Wilson
    Jorja Wilson 6 months ago


  • Job van de Laar
    Job van de Laar 1 year ago

    I’m a guy, but I wear sometimes make-up so I guess it’s normal to watch it :)

  • Sorta Stupid Artist

    Karuna: You have beautiful skin!