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  • 1 oct. 2015

  • At 10 percent of Canada's land surface, BC's landmass is immense, containing a large stretch of temperate rain forest along its Pacific coast. Some of the wettest places in North America are within the province—earning BC the nickname the "wet coast." For the past decade, the province, including the rainforest, has been affected by the mild winters and drought-like conditions, which culminate in uncharacteristically long lasting fire seasons. This year has been the driest since 1893, when records started, which has lead to more and longer lasting wildfires. Experts are calling the province as a whole the canary in the coal mine. During the peak wildfire season, hundreds of new fires were being reported every day, and the province struggled to get both the human and financial resources to keep up. VICE heads to Oliver in the BC's interior to embed with fire crews and Boulder Creek in the coastal BC to look at how the wildfires have affected the fragile BC ecosystem—everything from air quality to the salmon migration have been touched. We talk to firefighters on the ground and in the air, trek through charred forests with environmental scientists, and discuss connections to the climate change with BC's climate experts and hear from activist David Suzuki who tells us "we don't even know enough to know if it's too late." WATCH NEXT: Trawling Winnipeg's Rivers for the Bodies of Unsolved Murder Cases - Click here to subscribe to VICE: Check out our full video catalog: Videos, daily editorial and more: More videos from the VICE network: Like VICE on Facebook: Follow VICE on Twitter: Read our Tumblr: Follow us on Instagram: Check out our Pinterest:


  • chopsticks7life
    chopsticks7life Hace 4 años

    why all the dislikes? As a BC resident this video was really needed

  • Peter Parakeet
    Peter Parakeet Hace 4 años

    I live in BC, we were affected. I saw it first hand. Thanks for putting us in the limelight!

  • Sir Shackleford
    Sir Shackleford Hace 4 años

    Wow, this is crazy. Never thought I'd see my own back yard on Vice o.O

  • ExtremeStuntMan100
    ExtremeStuntMan100 Hace 1 año

    We are still burning as we speak. 2018 has been our worst year yet.

  • Ray Evans
    Ray Evans Hace 4 años

    That's part of the reason why natives burned forests every ten years or so. That and to remove the canopy in order to allow for smaller plants like berry bushes to grow. We're fighting fires but we shouldn't. In , fact, we should burn forests on purpose. That would make subsequent fires less destructive. The more you fight it, the harder it gets to fight it, because every year you're saving more fuel for next year's fire to burn. Forest fires are natural, and good for the forests.

    LAND SEA AIR CANADA Hace 4 años

    We live here and have seen stark changes, VICE is to be thanked for this report.

  • Wayne
    Wayne Hace 4 años

    The dislikes must be from people who don't live in BC... Although with California's drought I'm not sure how Americans can still deny climate change. I suppose at the moment the current ratio is saying that about 2/3 people who rated this video are morons... Sounds about right.

  • ungratefulmetalpansy
    ungratefulmetalpansy Hace 4 años

    I think we should raze the entire forest, pave it over, and build condos so people can make more babies. Don't forget, you can't do anything about this, so might as well make more babies, buy more things, build more condos. We'll colonize Mars and magic our way out of any problems we encounter.

  • HangOn2seconds
    HangOn2seconds Hace 4 años


  • 2feetaguywith
    2feetaguywith Hace 4 años

    The woman with the forestry department said that they havent been allowing ground fuel to burn off during natural fires. No wonder they are having bad fires. What does global warming have to do with that? Same problem with california

  • Chepeder
    Chepeder Hace 4 años

    I'm glad this got covered. The fires were so bad this year, and some of the employees were fighting the fires that were happening around there homes. Very sad.

  • Lazar Savic
    Lazar Savic Hace 4 años

    Vancouver is so beautiful

  • CJ Etherington
    CJ Etherington Hace 4 años

    Living in BC, this really shocked us this year, and we had so many cutbacks from the Harper government that we were not prepared for this

  • Keenan Wilson
    Keenan Wilson Hace 4 años

    I hate it when my igloo melts from a forest fire

  • Charles Belton
    Charles Belton Hace 4 años

    Justin Trudeau got one thing right: David Suzuki does talk a load of sanctimonious crap.

  • Kyle
    Kyle Hace 4 años

    are people still dumb to not believe in climate change? -..- use some common sense and go to school

  • Hung Nguyen
    Hung Nguyen Hace 4 años

    Wudup! Vancouver!

  • Babumby
    Babumby Hace 4 años

    I'm just throwing this out there but humans aren't all to blame for climate change, the earth goes through cycles like this. Just look at the end of the ice age, all the ice melted because the earth got warmer. And obviously we didn't have any carbon emissions back then.

  • Justin McDonald
    Justin McDonald Hace 4 años

    Why Doesn't Bc and other parts of Canada carry out burn off? Here in Australia we do burn offs around this time of the year leading up to summer (3 months). prevents a lot of large fires near the Citys

  • VICE
    VICE Hace 4 años

    During the peak wildfire season, hundreds of new fires were being reported every day, and the province struggled to get both the human and financial resources to keep up. VICE heads to BC to look at how the wildfires have affected the fragile BC ecosystem…