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  • 26 feb. 2013

  • Nancy Ajram will be giving a concert entitled « Hope Beyond Borders » on Tuesday, May 26, at 8pm EEST / 7pm CEST. Follow the link and set reminder not to miss it! Nancy Ajram - Ya Tabtab (Official Music Video) / نانسي عجرم - يا طبطب Subscribe to the official channel of Nancy Ajram Watch all clips of Nancy Ajram: Follow Nancy Ajram: Facebook : Twitter : Instagram: Keep listening to Nancy Ajram on : Spotify: Deezer: Apple Music: Anghami: Amazon:


  • Nancy Ajram
    Nancy Ajram Hace 2 años

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  • Achmad Soparid
    Achmad Soparid Hace 1 mes

    Siapa yg kesini gara gara berita nisa sabyan 😁😁 like

  • About You
    About You Hace 1 semana

    She is telling he is selfish and its driving her crazy (for the people who don’t understand it )😘❤️🤣

  • Trendy fashions by sadia furor

    Understand = 0%

  • Noor Ibrahim
    Noor Ibrahim Hace 1 semana (editado)

    English translation:

  • XD itsharkler
    XD itsharkler Hace 1 mes

    Am I the only person that likes the song but doesn't even know the meaning of the lyrics

  • Noelia Salvador
    Noelia Salvador Hace 8 meses

    i came from tik tok 😂 , i don’t even understand a word but this slaps 👊🏽

    _BestMOTA SABRINA Hace 2 semanas

    I came here cause of TikTok. This song apparently became my favorite. I have no idea what she is singing about but I like it.

  • Aleyna
    Aleyna Hace 1 mes

    أغنية عربية و تعليقات كلهم من اجانب من صبح و انا قاعدة ادور على تعليق بالعربي و مافيش 😭😂

  • Ebtihag H Elmak
    Ebtihag H Elmak Hace 1 mes

    مين يسمعها في زمن كورونا؟

  • Sara Sara
    Sara Sara Hace 2 semanas

    سماع الاغاني القديمة في زمن الكورونا والحجر الصحي المنزلي،😁😁😁😁

  • ONCÉ Official
    ONCÉ Official Hace 7 meses

    Who actually knows this song from childhood and not just from TikTok

  • Sosso Sosso
    Sosso Sosso Hace 1 mes

    انا ظنيت حالي غلطانة لما لقيت كل التعليقات بالاجنبي

  • Jera Krafr
    Jera Krafr Hace 1 mes

    Ya tabtab wa dalla

  • Lala lamarseillaise
    Lala lamarseillaise Hace 5 días

    Queen naija’s tik tok drive me here lol I wanna Learn arabic I think this was a sign. I have lots of friends that speak but ima going to try it😂❤️

  • حسين الملك
    حسين الملك Hace 2 semanas

    سؤال ليش كل التعليقات اجنبيه معقوله احنا غلطانين جاوبوني راح اموت 👥 شنو معقوله اجنبين يسمعون الاغنيه

  • Ew
    Ew Hace 6 meses

    when they call u terrorists but still listen to ur music 🥰

  • Æ ż
    Æ ż Hace 1 mes

    One of her famous song in Iran WE LOVE YOU NANCY AJRAM 😍❤️🥰

  • Ernesto Poblador Mosquera

    Watching in every second every minute every hour every day every week every month and every year's....ofw Pilipino middle East Saudi Arabia...

  • fulanindo istiqomah
    fulanindo istiqomah Hace 1 mes

    يا طبطب و ادلع يا يقولي انا اتغيرت عليه