Never Celebrate Too Early Compilation - Pro Sports Edition Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018

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  • encycl07pedia
    encycl07pedia 1 year ago

    If I ever become a coach, I swear to God I will bench any player stupid enough to celebrate before they cross the endzone.

  • Gregory Schmidt
    Gregory Schmidt 7 months ago

    Too bad these clips don't show the coach "talking" to the player after the event.

  • Mickey Wright
    Mickey Wright 11 months ago (edited)

    Not a "rookie" mistake. It's an idiot mistake. My Junior High School coach told me to: "Hold onto that ball and run THROUGH the end zone like I had a tiger on my butt!"

  • Dom _
    Dom _ 1 year ago

    Browns losing in the most browns way possible 😂

  • Henri Zimenoff
    Henri Zimenoff 1 year ago

    Premature celebrations can cost a team a season and a championship title

  • Darkkefka
    Darkkefka 10 months ago (edited)


  • YouOnlyLiveTwice
    YouOnlyLiveTwice 1 year ago

    what is it with NFL players celebrating before they get to the end zone by dropping the ball. If I were coach and a player did that, he'd be grabbing some bench the rest of the game and hold onto a football through the entire duration of practice not putting it down without permission. Bunch of dumb neanderthals in that sport.

  • Reverend Rasheem Stewart

    I remember back in the 90s when Reggie Miller hit a 3 pointer to take lead against the bulls and was bowing to the crowd then Toni from the bulls hits a buzzer beater to beat the Pacers

  • MrGrownman455
    MrGrownman455 8 months ago (edited)

    The NBA kemba walker one happens in the NBA all the time. These dudes will shoot a 3 and turn their backs like they know the ball is going in. I really wished players would stop doing that. I always laugh when they miss.

  • ttstrike hilarious dude

    You should do a deshaun Jackson worst plays video.

  • Paul Moore
    Paul Moore 1 year ago

    Karma is just lovely sometimes

  • DawnWalkerWolf
    DawnWalkerWolf 8 months ago

    The people celebrating too early and end up losing desevre the L, period

  • puckerings
    puckerings 11 months ago


  • Jason Dixon Gaming
    Jason Dixon Gaming 1 year ago

    Ahh, another time where the Browns mess up big-time.

  • Piggle Pig Swillbucket

    Cudos for the CFL highlights. Glad to see those - some pretty good (or bad) plays happen up north

  • bronco devil
    bronco devil 1 year ago

    No wonder I wear glasses. Watching the non HD for most of my formative years!

  • ItsFedoraHere
    ItsFedoraHere 1 year ago

    Lmao I do this all the time in Madden 18.

  • J.R. Caldoon
    J.R. Caldoon 1 year ago

    All of the fun stuff, none of the snark. I'm so happy I came across your channel!

  • Matty Narcy
    Matty Narcy 1 year ago


  • Ryan Burnham
    Ryan Burnham 8 months ago

    I expected to see a few home run balls that the batter pimped but the ball ended up not going out