Courtney Hadwin - CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE - Elvis Presley (Live & Loud 2016) Mp3 Télécharger

  • Published on Mar 30, 2016

  • Here we have Courtney Hadwin, with her cover of 'Cant Help Falling In Love' by Elvis Presley, from the Live & Loud sessions. If you enjoyed this performance please give it a like and a share. Watch out for more videos every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! A huge thank you to all staff and performers who took part. If you or someone you know is interested in vocal or instrument tuition please email music@reddreams.org.uk Recorded and Mastered by Anthony Anderson Filmed by Josh Martin Edited by Luke Anderson Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reddreams/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RedDreamsUK/ Visit our Website: http://reddreams.org.uk/ AGT Amercia’s Got Talent Golden Buzzer GO GOURTZ!!!!
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  • Jordan Ouaknine
    Jordan Ouaknine 10 months ago

    Who’s here because America’s Got Talent?

  • Joan Gail
    Joan Gail 10 months ago

    You can't fake talent!! Give her a break people - she's only 14 years old!! For all the haters - what were you doing at 14???? Love, Love Love this very talented little girl 3 3 3 3

  • SunSound7
    SunSound7 7 months ago

    This young girl sings with great emotion and power and she's not afraid to take chances. I love her.

  • Bietel Zelf
    Bietel Zelf 9 months ago

    Hey Courtney? I'm a fan. Let them all talk, be who you are backstage, and give it all you've got on stage. Like you're doing now. It's fine. Don't let them make you doubt it.

  • Shila Mitra
    Shila Mitra 10 months ago

    It's amazing how people on social media behave. She is 13 years old, in the video shes younger. Anyone that attacks a child should be absolutely ashamed of their behavior. Totally Unacceptable. The child has talent and I wish her all the success that life can bring her.

  • TTheSnirk
    TTheSnirk 8 months ago

    You know what really impresses me about this girl, other than the obvious stuff? It's her versatility. Most singers that can really belt, particularly young ones, when they try do something else, like really sing a ballad, they don't do so well. This is a young lady with a voice that can do a few things extremely well. In fact listen at

  • Howard Serkin
    Howard Serkin 6 months ago

    I was at Woodstock , Atlantic City rock festival & I was at Monterey rock and saw Janis Joplin., second time was at Atlantic City Rock Festival. Querky. Odd voice all over the place but such passion, energy and stage presence & lit that place up. Just like Courtney does. The buzz about Courtney is unreal. Good bad everyone talking about her. Once every 50-60 years you see what you do. Like a comet Courtney is. An event. You absolutely will not forget nor stop talking about here. No one in the history of AGT, and they have incredible acts, has lit up the internet like her. No one has more views. She is not of this era as Howie Mandel said. Courtney will become like the greats before her. R&R revival and she will be leading it.

  • spoortspowers
    spoortspowers 8 months ago (edited)

    She is an entertainer with an amazing voice. You can't help feeling good listening to her sing.

  • Borisperez Perez
    Borisperez Perez 10 months ago

    This girl is from another complete dimension..

  • Gordon Mitchell
    Gordon Mitchell 9 months ago

    It's great to see such a young spirit expressing herself as she does. Courtney is original and inspiring to be sure!

  • Bietel Zelf
    Bietel Zelf 9 months ago

    I know people who have performed for 30+ years and still feel nervous before a show. But why argue about all that anyway? Suppose, just suppose, that her shyness is an act... well, then she's a far above average actress as well. Now let go of your envy and let the kid enjoy her success.

  • Lipstick Lullabies
    Lipstick Lullabies 9 months ago

    Why does her shyness have to be fake? Just because she rocks out when she sings? That just means she is most confident when she is doing what she is passionate about. That doesn't mean she has to have confidence when talking to people or any other part of her life.

  • DJ Harrington
    DJ Harrington 7 months ago

    Amazing young lady... Go Courtney!

  • Gilbert Medeiros
    Gilbert Medeiros 7 months ago (edited)

    Oh u go Girl don't let anyone distract you follow your dreams and your heart you will be the number one. You are only 14 years old and you are awesome when you are up on stage you sound like thunder and lightning.

  • Randy G.
    Randy G. 10 months ago

    She was what, 11 years old when she sang this? Most kids are playing video games and forgetting their homework at that age.

  • Abel & CAIN
    Abel & CAIN 7 months ago

    who is rooting for Courtney in America's got talent?

  • Barbara Smith
    Barbara Smith 8 months ago

    Gorgeous! She makes it her own.

  • Karen Houghtaling
    Karen Houghtaling 6 months ago

    You are amazing! When I watch your performances I'm so moved! Good Luck to you! Not that you need it. I can't wait to buy your first release!!

  • tony logan
    tony logan 9 months ago

    Just can't wait to hear this talent when she hits late teens and the voice matures but she is bloody good

  • Nicole Minnick
    Nicole Minnick 8 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful. Gorgeous performance. She puts everything she has into what she is singing. She is a true talent, she doesn't have to force anything, this is her.