• Published on Oct 14, 2017

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  • Morgz Mum
    Morgz Mum 1 year ago

    YOU MAY HAVE WON THIS TIME MORGAN!! But get ready, Revenge will be coming soon...

  • John Lester Baliscao
    John Lester Baliscao 9 months ago

    Your so sweet to others and beautiful kiera

  • holly Welch
    holly Welch 9 months ago

    I have alwat wanted a iphone and i love watching your videos and i could be able to watch you even more 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  • Sophia Fitzgerald
    Sophia Fitzgerald 9 months ago

    Do a 24 hour challenge in your new house

  • Wild Gaige
    Wild Gaige 8 months ago


  • XPG EL1T3
    XPG EL1T3 1 year ago

    She falls for everything because she cares🙂😂

  • Philippa Johnson
    Philippa Johnson 2 months ago

    My mum probably won't let me get the IPhone but I did it anyway (my mum doesn't even know I watch you)

  • TheFlashFan101
    TheFlashFan101 1 day ago


  • Jessica Moore
    Jessica Moore 11 months ago

    Moves to Starbucks

  • Ben Genfi
    Ben Genfi 6 months ago (edited)

    This feels a little bit like a roleplay

  • Logan A L
    Logan A L 1 year ago

    I can see you getting kicked out soon XD😂😂😂😂😂

  • TheFlashFan101
    TheFlashFan101 1 day ago

    Gosh that was so serious

  • Jennifer Brown
    Jennifer Brown 1 month ago

    Becos I wood give the fone to kcaret my name is Alicia

  • lendmeyourbones
    lendmeyourbones 3 weeks ago

    morgz freaking out over the amount of dots and exclamation marks in texts

  • Olivia Morton
    Olivia Morton 4 months ago (edited)

    Morgz - your boy I'd flipping scared

  • Sienna Kenney
    Sienna Kenney 1 year ago

    1 like=2 prayers for morgz

  • julianna home
    julianna home 2 months ago

    I away wanted a i phone and i love your videos l watch then. Ever day

  • adele surtees
    adele surtees 6 months ago

    Your the best king ever because l get to see all of the fidos pleas😁

  • Roudy Sfeir
    Roudy Sfeir 1 month ago

    Because I don't have a phone and because I need a new and bigger phone

  • Iyla Sewell
    Iyla Sewell 4 weeks ago

    I love you Morgan your videos are the best I watch you every day