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  • 28 ene. 2015

  • In this video you will see how I express a melody that comes out of my soul and people are forming a circle in the street to see what is happening. This version is improvised to leave even the smallest detail that flows from my being to deliver a spiritual message through music with my guitar. At the end of this song everyone applauds. I hope you can share this version of " Still Loving You " .


  • Damian Salazar
    Damian Salazar Hace 3 años

    I have 2 questions!

  • sergey efimov
    sergey efimov Hace 2 días (editado)

    похоже на фанеру и не только бас....плохая уличная музыка нечестный музыкант

  • Joaquim Julve
    Joaquim Julve Hace 5 meses

    Cuanto artista anda en la calle!!

  • Patricio Najera
    Patricio Najera Hace 6 meses

    No mames excelente gran roooolonn.. ✌

  • Nestor Aparicio
    Nestor Aparicio Hace 1 año

    Me encata tu version ! Sos un prodigio ! Digno de los grandes como Gary Moore o Steve vay ! Capo!

  • ken masters
    ken masters Hace 4 años

    there's a bomb in his guitar... if it pickup stays in one position for more than 5 secs, it blows up.

  • David Jones
    David Jones Hace 1 año

    I've watched 2 of your videos which I just recently seen and both times I cried, tears of joy because the music is so beautiful. I'm 70 and you are an exceptional talent. God bless

  • Hairam Krisse Ogdan
    Hairam Krisse Ogdan Hace 1 año

    amazing talent...with a guy like this who needs singers? better yuan. avoice covers

  • sleepingwalking
    sleepingwalking Hace 1 año


  • Edmundo Ogata
    Edmundo Ogata Hace 5 meses

    toca muitooooo dá deslike quem tem dor de cotovelo....... parabéns!!!!!

  • Ranger11413
    Ranger11413 Hace 1 año many times have you replaced your pickup selector switch ?

  • Splash Autumn
    Splash Autumn Hace 6 meses

    This kind of person deserves fame!!

  • Lobo Riscado TV
    Lobo Riscado TV Hace 9 meses

    Na parte do solo mais bonito ele improvisa 🤬

  • Patric Swazye
    Patric Swazye Hace 2 días

    I just traveled somewhere far far away, fantastic!

  • Iliana Lara
    Iliana Lara Hace 2 años

    When you don't need to sing the song,your guitar will do it for you!!!

  • Vini Fernandes
    Vini Fernandes Hace 1 año

    Cara, isso ta perfeito de mais

    FIZZY VIEW Hace 7 meses

    please play "I don't belong here" by cromok

  • Carlos Oliveira
    Carlos Oliveira Hace 1 mes

    Esse rapaz toca demais e' um mito. Mas que tanto ele mexe com a mao direita?

  • Gerson Borges
    Gerson Borges Hace 5 meses


  • It's Black Wednesday
    It's Black Wednesday Hace 4 años

    some people kept walking as they don't hear anything! world is full of crap!