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  • Published on Jul 11, 2018

  • Jokes about MP and living in Delhi and Noida. Hope you enjoy it. For bookings email to bookmadhvendra@thelineup.in Credits : Shot at - Canvas Laugh Club (Team - Sujit Nair, Mearaj) Video production - Nanak Bhatia Editing - Nanak Bhatia and Abhishek Bhutwani Sound recording - Sreejith Menon Sound mixing and mastering - Sohail Gandhi Written & Performed by - Madhvendra Singh Special Thanks - Abhishek Upmanyu Facebook - fb.me/madhvens Twitter - twitter.com/madhvens Instagram - instagram.com/madhvens
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  • Abhishek Upmanyu
    Abhishek Upmanyu 9 months ago

    Kadhi chawal kha raha hoon is the best thing ever

  • hahmusicat
    hahmusicat 10 months ago

    MP ke pass Zakir Khan hai yaar...

  • Shayar Sehori
    Shayar Sehori 10 months ago

    तुमने MP को बस ट्रैन से झाँका है मेरे भाई ।

  • Suresh Shukla
    Suresh Shukla 10 months ago

    A lot of people here are getting offended on behalf of MP........Thats funny. But funnier part is that I have not yet seen anybody from Noida getting offended in this comments section.........

  • Deepansh Madhwani
    Deepansh Madhwani 10 months ago

    You're an avid stand-up comedy appreciator only if you recognised the introduction of the video was done by Abhishek Upmanyu.

  • Paras Pandey
    Paras Pandey 10 months ago

    in MP who says calling hum instead of main. That is Lucknow in UP ppl saying hum.

  • Harleen Kaur Bedi
    Harleen Kaur Bedi 5 months ago

    Kaafi intelligent jokes the. I mean seriously, hats off man !! 😁👍

  • muhammad suhail akhlaq

    Sir bakchodi band karo mai ola se baat kar rha hu.....😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • LedHead
    LedHead 9 months ago

    Jokes were good, but delivery can be improved.

  • Shimit Mathur
    Shimit Mathur 10 months ago


  • The DistinctGuy
    The DistinctGuy 1 week ago

    Sir bakchodi band karo

  • Bhavesh Prajapati
    Bhavesh Prajapati 8 months ago

    Why so serious ppl, There's a thing called “HUMOR"

  • c.s. sujit
    c.s. sujit 6 months ago

    chalo koi toh dhang ka standup banda nikla MP se😂😂😂

  • Sourabh Mehta
    Sourabh Mehta 10 months ago

    Just only MP guys, can understand these "poha and sev" things.... lol ... Btw I'm from indore...

  • Dee
    Dee 6 months ago

    Lol... amazing!

  • UnderDog Roaster
    UnderDog Roaster 6 months ago

    Bro Starbuck joke was lit. I from indore mp and yaa some jokes were super 😎

  • Dr Parvati Singh
    Dr Parvati Singh 4 months ago

    This video really pissed MPites didnt it.

  • Prasham Jain
    Prasham Jain 10 months ago

    The last Ola bit was hilarious. Didn't like the MP bashing personally cz I love peaceful and green Bhopal. That's my personal opinion, that aside I liked the whole thing.

    SCHOOLBOYKK 10 months ago

    U r good. Quite fresh content. Witty as well

  • Adarsh Shukla
    Adarsh Shukla 10 months ago

    Great bahi....